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NBA Orlando Magic India Day Turban Tie Booth 2014

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Indian-American Chamber of Commerce with Sikh Society of Central Florida organized Turban Experience booth at NBA Orlando Magic Basketball game 

Sikhism Facts:

1) 99 percent of people wearing turbans in the U.S are Sikhs from India
2) Sikhs have been in the U.S for over 100 years
3) There are roughly 700,000 Sikhs in the U.S today
4) Sikhism is the world’s fifth largest religion with 25 million adherents worldwide
5) Sikhs believe in one God, equality, freedom of religion, and community service
6) Sikhs cover their uncut hair with a turban, its our article of Faith.
7) The Sikh turban represents a commitment to equality and justice
8) Sikhism is a distinct religion, separate from Hinduism and Islam