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Sikh To Inspire

A quick insight into the life journey of Kal Singh- Who found something amazing through the experience of losing someone so dear to him.

His inspiration and motivation started through the grieving process of losing his uncle- who he was very close to. As time went by, he wanted to do something in the memory of his uncle and at the same time for charity, and so he decided to run a marathon.

However, running a marathon is very challenging and as hard as he tried the harder it got, till he started mediating ( and though this may sound very cliché and fairy tale like). Before he knew it,he was running further and further without realising. ( a mixture of pain, sadness, faith and determination)

Meditation helped him achieve his goal; feel a degree of relief and allowed him to heal. And over the course of a year, he started meditating more and more whilst running several marathons all over the world for charity.

This short film does not represent religion but represents the foundation of humanity- oneness with yourself and faith. We believe we are all one. The destination is the same for all of us- we just have different ways of getting there.

The three ideals set by the Guru- Guru Nanak Dev was
-Share what you have in life with those who don’t
-Work hard for your living and in reaching your goals

So peace to everyone.

*A very special thank you to Jaz Deol (Actor) for the amazing voice over.
*Daljinder Singh Virdee ( Music Producer)
*Thaj Rathore ( Actor) for help with Literature
*Kal Singh for sharing his story.

Produced and Directed by-

Jagjeet Singh ( Peawea)- Magical Moments

Gujinder Singh – Showreel Productions